Politischer Punktsieg für Mitt Romney in der Ersten TV-Debatte

Nein, wir haben uns das erste TV-Rede-Duell nicht angesehen. Aber man hat ja inzwischen so einiges davon gehört und alleine entstehen Bilder im Kopf. Es heißt, dass Präsident Obama keine so gute Figur abgegeben hat.

Hier ist die Debatte, wie wir sie uns vorstellen…

Jim Lehrer: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the first TV debate of this election season. In the right corner, the challenger, former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.

(audience claps enthusiastically)

Mitt Romney: Thank you, Jim, you are a nice guy. You’ll get a tax cut!

Jim Lehrer: And in the left corner, the incumbent, President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama: Yo, dawg, wassup?

Jim Lehrer: And here comes the first question. The US is deeply indebted, we need more revenues, what to do about that?

Mitt Romney: Tax cuts! I love tax cuts, you love tax cuts, everybody just loves tax cuts.

(audience claps enthusiastically)

Jim Lehrer: What about your opinion, Mr. President?

Barack Obama: Whatever, man! I’m just chillin‘ in the White House, you know. Debt, you know… It’s not my think. I’m always paying my dues, you know. Respect, man! Respect!

Jim Lehrer: Ehr… Yes, thank you, Mr. President. Governor Romney, you seem to be interested in finding a solution to the health care crisis…

Mitt Romney: Absolutely, Jim. Doctor Mitt has got the right medicin for any health care problem. And that is… (dramatic pause) tax cuts!

(audience claps enthusiastically)

Jim Lehrer: Mister President…

Barack Obama: Yo, chill, man! I did a cool thing back then. Real cool! We gonna work it out, see! Everything mucha-… What do the mexicans say? Well, whatever…

Jim Lehrer: But we still have got to adress the issue of the upcoming budget. Your party has been very high-strung on this issue, Mister Governor.

Mitt Romney: Jim, you must understand. They haven’t gotten any tax cuts lately. That totally gets to them. I mean, the president has all but abandoned…

Barack Obama (interrupts): Woah!

Mitt Romney (starting again): The president has all but abadoned…

Barack Obama (interrupts): Woah!

Mitt Romney (is irritated): Jim, could you, could you… help here…

Jim Lehrer: Mister President, you wanted to interject something.

Barack Obama: Yo, man! That is so not cool from the guv’ner. So not cool!

Mitt Romney: But with all due respect, you, Mister President…

Barack Obama: Yo, man! Respect! That’s what I’m saying here! Respect, man!

Barack Obama walks over to Mitt Romney, gives the confused man a brofist. Then he walks over to Jim Lehrer and brofists him as well. He waves to the audience, which claps enthusistically as he starts to perform Al Green’s „I am so in love with you“. The audience goes crazy.

Jim Lehrer is slightly confused, so is Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney (to Lerner): But I did well, didn’t I. I mean politically…?

The audience starts to scream as Barack Obama is showing off some sweet dance moves.

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